Osteo Relief Institute Edgewater, NJ

Located in a beautiful state of the art facility in Bergen County New Jersey, Edgewater Osteo Relief Institute offers complete care for many of your complaints that you may have about your knee, spine and back for all your arthritic and pain concerns.

Our services include a comprehensive knee pain screening, examinations of the neck and back, and the most advanced non invasive procedures available for treatment of each condition. We pride ourselves on thoroughness and professionalism when approaching all patients. Many people over the age of 40 are suffering with arthritis and are in need of an exam to evaluate the condition and possible ways to treat these conditions with minimal invasive therapies. We provide non-surgical ways to cushion and relieve the pain coming from arthritic joints that have worn out over time.

The Difference

Our doctors and staff have your comfort and health as our highest priority. We work together with you to provide effective and efficient treatments as well as a relaxing enjoyable experience when you come to the office. We take the time to get to know our patients and their goals with their care. We offer television, coffee, water and comfortable chairs to enjoy when you come for your visit.